The Tartle Guide to Freelancing and Making It Work (Kindle Edition)

The Tartle Guide to Freelancing and Making It Work (Kindle Edition)


This 64-page e-book is a beginner’s guide to freelancing.

IMPORTANT: This e-book product is compatible with Kindle devices and other reading devices. To purchase the iPad and Android tablet compatible edition, click here.

Divided into 8 digestible chapters, it’s designed to help you identify what your passion project is, teach you to turn it into a profitable side hustle, and show you the steps needed to take it full-time.

The Tartle Guide to Freelancing and Making It Work covers everything I’ve learned from graduating into a recession to finding my feet in traditional full-time work, before pushing aside a normal 9-5 in favour of carving out my own job title. The guide also includes all of tools, tricks and resources I’ve gathered along the way to get it done.

This e-book is for you if:

  • You’re currently pursuing a side hustle that you know you’d love to someday take full-time.

  • You have begun to freelance and don’t quite know what the next steps are.

  • You want to shake up your freelance career and move it forwards.


“I've read a few freelancing guides and books recently and Michelle's is honestly so useful. It's full of informative tips and advice, that I found enjoyable to read. It's easy to understand and there are some really useful takeaways around important topics such as money and how to find clients! A great guide and so handy if you're considering pursuing a freelance career or side hustle!” — Megan Salter, Editor of The Wilde

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