Already have the words down? Let me help you get them to perfection, every T crossed and every I dotted, ready for publishing or for print. My eye for attention to detail means I can polish copy to a high standard that'll meet your brand vision and elevate it too.

There's really no project too big or small when it comes to editing: whether it's a tagline, Instagram caption, set of product descriptions or website pages, I'll make sure it's 110% ready to go after I'm done with it.

To discover more about my editing services, drop me a message and we can begin the consultation process.



Dissertation time? Written a beautiful manuscript? I'd love to partner with you to proofread your project and ensure it's as perfect as it can be. I have a brilliant eye for detail with a proven track record of spotting mistakes well before they become a disaster.


  • A comprehensive proofread of your copy
  • A bespoke document with topline comments and my editor's review, plus notes on how to consistently 'improve'
  • Editor's review notes throughout your work

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