Copywriting is where it began for me. Whether you're after a refresh of an existing website or you're seeking words to truly lift your product from the screen, or something in the middle, I can craft the words to suit your needs. I've worked with clients in the fashion, beauty, travel, finance and small business sectors, plus I have international experience, allowing me to carve out the perfect content for you.

In-house or remote availability can be arranged beforehand.


  • Website copy refresh: [POPULAR] A complimentary consultation and complete revamp of your existing site and copy. House style guide(s) and social media channel refreshes can also be added.
  • Product description catalogues: [POPULAR] Individually crafted product descriptions written in an editorial style with fully comprehensive bullet points and top-of-the-range technical details.
  • Editing: [POPULAR] If you're already halfway there with your copy, let me finish the job for you. Sub-editing is one of my many skills and I can make sure your work is ready to be seen.
  • Content creation: Bespoke content for your brand or business, ranging from blog posts, press releases, features, marketing emails, newsletters, promotional copy, print leaflets, product catalogues.
  • Proof-reading: A complete proof-read with a one-pager of feedback for anything from dissertations to personal and professional projects.

You’ll also receive:

  • Great copy
  • Up to three rounds of amends
  • Complimentary consultation

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