3 Tips to Instantly Elevate Your Writing

3 Tips to Instantly Elevate Your Writing

One of our most frequently asked questions is ‘how can I quickly improve my copy?’

While there is no short answer to this and we believe brilliant copy is an art form that takes rounds of editing and hours of writers’ block, there are a few simple tips we can divulge. Whether you’re a total novice to copywriting or you’d like to elevate your everyday writing skills, here are our top tips…

1. Edit and edit again

Writing is only a small part of the writing process. Sounds odd but it’s true.

Giving yourself the space and time to do multiple rounds of editing will instantly elevate the quality of your copy. We recommend editing once a day; schedule the session for several hours after the writing process to give yourself the power to tear your words apart.

Think about the aim of the piece. Have you achieved this in the most clear and concise way? Who is your audience? Are you serving them correctly and taking into account their average reading level? Are there unnecessary sentences or paragraphs that say the same thing in multiple ways?

2. Read it aloud

More often than not, you’ll find our small — but perfectly formed! — team reading out loud in the office. This is a simple way to discover whether your work is actually readable and identify where those darned missing commas, apostrophes, en dashes and hyphens live.

Unsure about grammar rules? Drop us a message and we can help you edit!

Reading your copy aloud is also great for honing your SEO writing skills. Sentences should be short and crawlable. If you can’t read a sentence in one or two breaths, it’s too long.

3. Give it meaning

At Tartle Copywriting, we pride ourselves on honest, elevated storytelling with a heart. Words can be beautiful, but used incorrectly, all meaning is lost.

Clear, concise messaging with just a sprinkling of personality is where it’s at here. No fussy hanging sentences that sound fancy but don’t say anything. Be sure to craft sentences and select words with intention.

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Attracting Dream Clients

Attracting Dream Clients