Attracting Dream Clients

Attracting Dream Clients

There’s a Pinterest quote that’s doing the rounds lately which I so clearly remember reading a few years ago before I properly embarked on my freelance copywriting journey.

The quote reads, “Remember when you dreamed of having everything you have now.”

And these days, I don’t subscribe so heavily to that quote and desire.

Why? Well it feels limiting, for one. Once upon a time I wouldn’t believe myself if I’d said where I’d end up, but now the opportunities are endless. I truly can achieve anything if I put my heart and energy into it.

It also completely takes away any and all of the hard work you put in to get there. I didn’t dream of my life as it is now, and wake up with it. Several sleepless nights, stressful days and countless well-crafted words got me here.

One of the questions I’m asked most regularly is how I attract clients and add more to my roster. So today I thought I’d take a few hours out of my schedule and address the hot topic.

Identify Your Dream Client

It goes without saying that identifying your dream client is key to attracting them. At first, it’s tempting to on-board any potential client that lands in your inbox and follow every breadcrumb leading to a contract.

But I can’t stress enough to you that this doesn’t benefit your business in the long term. In the short term, it enables you to help businesses build their brand and elevate your portfolio.

However it also means your business offering and message can begin to lose focus and impact. For instance if you claim to provide bold, impactful copy for bold businesses, but take on a client that seeks friendly and frank copy to support their florist company, future clients will be confused and move on to somebody else that better meets their demand.

To identify your dream client, answer the following questions:

  1. What type of copy do you see yourself creating, happily, on a long-term basis?

  2. Which industry/industries are you passionate about?

  3. Who requires the type of copy you want to create?

  4. List 5 dream clients, no matter the theme or requirement.

Research Time

Once you’ve drawn up an idea of your dream client (and it might be vastly different to what you’d originally envisioned!), it’s time to conduct some research.

As a copywriter, I spent much of my days researching on behalf of my clients. I’ll delve into that in a separate post. For now, let’s focus on researching your dream client and establishing yourself and your business in a great place to draw them to you.

Make notes about each of the clients you listed in the above exercise. What sort of customer do they have? What are they missing that you could provide them? How could you help them grow/clarify their offering/etc.? Make general notes about why you want them to be your client as well. Perhaps their ethos aligns perfectly to yours.

Once you’ve thoroughly researched each of your dream clients, it’s time to figure out what they have in common. This will establish your niche and help you to knuckle down just why they sung to you as a ‘dream client’.

Hone In On Your Offering

Next, hone in on your offering based on what you’ve established! Much of the time, business owners don’t realise their niche until they’ve already got a couple of clients under their belt. I certainly didn’t!

With your niche established, you can begin to shape your brand communications in a way that entices your dream clients to want YOU to shape their brand communications. Little nods to a common goal can go a long way: if you’re targeting a specific location, add it to your copy, strapline and meta data. Perhaps you want to create bold copy for bold businesses – consider how you can communicate this (i.e. with bold branding, typography, colours and words).

Build Your Copywriting Portfolio

Lastly, having a killer portfolio will cinch your dream clients.

Take screencaps of your work wherever you go. Add these to your website, along with a brief blurb about the project goals, the outcome and even a testimonial if you can wangle one. And contribute to blogs and relevant websites – these will elevate your position as an authority within the industry.

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