Giving Heart to Your Business Without Oversharing

Giving Heart to Your Business Without Oversharing

A popular theme when it comes to setting up a small business is to give it heart and soul by way of sharing your personal story as a business owner. In part, that is what we specialise in at Tartle Copywriting: the art of fuelling copy with personality, wit and heart in order to truly reach out to your dream client base and audience.

After all, that is our only chance at originality in this dog-eat-dog world, right?

Well, maybe.

Sharing funny and relatable anecdotes about how you spilled coffee all over yourself on Monday morning, or Tweeting that you ‘can’t wait for Friday!!1!’ and other such storytelling devices can only get you so far.

That’s the cold, hard truth.

If the age of social media (hello!) has taught us anything, it should be that we’re interested in real people with real stories. From our influencer outreach services to our blog post creation services, we truly back this concept. But there has to be a limit.

Oversharing can turn customers and clients off from a business. On the whole, and we hate to generalise, customers don’t want to support a business owner who has their head all over the place, or who clumsily dropped all of their packaging supplies en route home, or that complains about the Post Office all the time. And as much as a customer may want to know that the owner of the incredible small business they’ve found (it’s you!) is relatable, human and has a soul, do they need to know precisely what went wrong on the school run?

Let’s delve into how to give heart to your business presence without oversharing…


Of course the simplest way to breathe soul and give heart to a business is to ensure your branding is top notch. Does your logo work hard enough for you? Do your colours hark back to you as a person or reflect the ethos of your business? What does each element of your physical and digital presence represent and say to a potential customer?

A good place to begin is with a branding worksheet. We love this one by Spruce Rd!


Next up: how are you speaking to your audience? Is it stuffy and corporate or does it feel chatty and realistic? What are the values of your business and how do you want your customer to feel about your biz?

This is where we come in pretty handy, if we may say so ourselves. We specialise in working closely together with creatives and small business owners to uncover your unique tone of voice and apply it to your business presence. It can be tricky to vocalise your ethos concisely and in a way that resonates with your client, but with more than 6 years’ experience in doing just that, we can help you figure things out.


Lastly, socialise! I’d hazard a guess that you already have an Instagram, Twitter and Facebook account set up for your business, but what are you using it for? To share products, new launches and behind-the-scenes snaps? Great! But using social media to socialise and grow a devoted community is key to drawing new customers in.

Use your natural WhatsApp voice and reply back to comments, engage with your followers and give them a reason to want to connect with you. Offer social media-exclusive discounts or run emoji challenges. Anything that gets your creative soul racing will give heart back to your biz.

Ready to add some heart and soul to your business presence? Let’s chat!

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