A Day In The Life: Lead Copywriter

A Day In The Life: Lead Copywriter

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As we prepare to onboard a Junior Copywriter, we thought it’d be apt to share a blog post detailing exactly what our Lead Copywriter gets up to on an average Monday.

Working remotely, our Lead Copywriter manages four client accounts and is a guiding star when it comes to the content of Tartle Copywriting’s blog and social platforms. As such, the Junior Copywriter will have a similar role and a similar ‘everyday schedule’ although we know that no two days are really ever the same!

Over to Michelle…


It’s pretty flexible at Tartle Copywriting: as long as the work is complete by the provided deadlines, I’m free to work as and when I please within reason. So I start my Monday at 9:30am which takes the edge off the post-weekend blues nicely! I usually start by doing a quick once-over of my emails and the team Slack channel, noting down anything urgent, and formulating my to-do list.


To-do list written, I then begin work on my first client of the day. At the moment, I look after all of the clients and we have four. I’ll check in with them on the provided Slack channel, although some prefer to work solely via email and Skype which is fine too.


The client requires 82 product descriptions sub-edited to the house brief by 6pm on Wednesday. I grab my calculator and divvy this up to work out how I can evenly distribute this between the three days available, as I don’t like having one hugely busy day and another completely empty! 27 per day. Easy. Plus, I find I edit better in the morning and write better in the afternoon.


I’m loading up the editorial style guide, glossary, note sheet and Drive spreadsheets required to start working on these product descriptions.


Lunch break! I like to break up the day with Pilates.


Home from Pilates, and ready to go through my emails although there is just one today from my client booked for the afternoon. The work that was supposed to sent over to me is delayed, so I only have one product description to write (surplus from last month) and one blog post.


Write the product description and blog post. I rearrange my diary ready to complete 150 product descriptions and 4 pieces of banner copy in four days instead of five.


Prepare two weeks’ worth of Instagram captions and photos. This is incredibly time-consuming but a great way to see how the world of social media is consuming content and engaging with it, which in turn informs some of the content I create for clients.


Done for the day!

Keep an eye out on the blog and our Instagram for new positions and opportunities!

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