How Copy and Content Nourishes Your Business

How Copy and Content Nourishes Your Business

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Day and night, I wax lyrical about the importance of copy and content for your business. Done well, it informs and engages the visitor, establishes brand identity, reinforces authority, builds trust, serves a purpose, attracts new leads and generates sales and conversions. Yes, all of that with well-crafted copy and carefully selected words.

We’ve seen the immersive and ground-breaking force of blogging and social media, but what I specialise in at Tartle Copywriting is ensuring that copy and content is nourishing your business by serving a quality experience for your visitors. It was once all about the quantity and ensuring newness every 2 hours to capture the interest of every visitor, no matter when they picked up their phone, checked their email or opened up their laptop.

Now? It’s all about providing something that stays with them long after they’ve left your blog, stopped scrolling their Instagram feed or reading your email newsletter.

Let’s talk about how copy and content can enhance your business, beyond being word-fluff that sits on a website.

1. It establishes your brand identity.

From your homepage to your landing pages, product listings to blog posts, and everything in-between, clear, concise and engaging copy will establish your brand identity and positioning to ensure you are the market leader and the best possible fit for the visitor.

Working together with a copywriter (hi!) can mean your business aims, values, core offerings, owner personality and more are easily communicated in the best way possible and, newsflash, that isn’t always by sharing your life story.

A stunning online presence will drive visitors to your business, but transparency, clarity and a genuine approach will convert those into sales, leads and on-boarding.

At Tartle Copywriting, I pride myself on working intensively with my clients to truly understand not only their business aims and values, but what drives them as a person to offer what they do. As such, all of my work is backed by personality, honesty and trust.

2. It brings in new visitors and potential clients.

Blog posts, social media content and static website copy are all brilliant tools for serving SEO keywords. Yes, let the buzzwords infiltrate. It might feel like every person and their aunt’s puppy’s best friend the squirrel is starting, expanding or transforming a business in 2018, so how can you stand out amongst 50 people also offering ‘the same’ as you?

I work closely with my clients to bring their vision together succinctly and pair it with carefully selected SEO keywords to enrich their website and get it seen by the people that need it. Yes, need. Want to hear more? Drop me a message — I don’t bite! — and let me coach you.

More clicks to the website = a higher chance of conversion.

3. It builds trust.

So often clients come to me and want all of their (awesome) business placed on their website. And almost every time, I recommend a slower, more organic approach. Content is king, but it can also be incredibly overwhelming to be faced with hoards of copy and mixed messages on every other page.

Executed well, copy and content in well-meaning places will build trust and foster loyalty. I work closely with you to funnel content out alongside a calendar so that your content works as hard as it can at the right time in the right place for the right people.

Fancy learning more? Explore my copy and content packages, or shop Tartle products to elevate your business.

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