How A Content Calendar Can Help You: A Client Case Study

How A Content Calendar Can Help You: A Client Case Study

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A content calendar can do many jobs aside from giving you a look at what’s coming up. Useful as a planning tool, reporting tool and creative guide, it allows for a seamless content experience if executed properly. See how a Tartle Copywriting content calendar can help you:


Long-term client JustPose™ came on-board with me in August 2017. Having set-up a website and social media platforms, as well as a blog, to market their services, they struggled with maintaining consistency and therefore were missing out bigtime on creating an established brand identity online that matched with their outstanding offline skills in experiential marketing and photo booth hire.

The Brief

Investing in my Bloom package, I worked heavily in-house and remotely with the team to establish some brand rules, learn more about the company and what they were all about, and create some awesome content. Plus, they opted in for a content calendar.

The content calendar works as a useful collaborative tool for both the team and I to work from. I add in the content and copy, and the team add in key events from their in-house diary. It’s great to refer to when discussing future bookings (so I hear from the guys!) and it also allows Sam (the boss) and I to see where content is lacking or where we’ve gone too heavy with a certain push. We can plan ahead of time to ensure we’ve got content that’s inspiring, engaging, nothing too filler-y…

It’s also great for providing peace of mind. There’s no panic on a Tuesday night about what’s going up on Wednesday, because we’ve already covered it. The Bloom package calendar includes blog post planning, social media posts, a content schedule for the JustPose™ blog and email marketing too. No nasty surprises, everybody is on the same page.

The result?

A cohesive and streamlined brand image across all of JustPose™’s online presence. Online biographies coordinate with one another, content is marketed strategically and effectively across their specified channels, there is never any ‘rushed’ content and everything slots into place. The team have praised how fluid their channels look and we continue to work together on an ongoing basis.

To learn more about the Bloom package as well as the other packages we offer, click here.

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