How To Effectively Tell Your Brand's Story

How To Effectively Tell Your Brand's Story

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One of the things we pride ourselves on at Tartle HQ is telling a bloomin’ great story.

Not in the traditional sense of telling a bedtime story or even what we got up to on Friday night, but capturing the unique tone and essence of your brand and business.

Each element of your business’ branding plays an equally important part in resonating with your target customer. That could be your logo design, your product offering, where you sell, how it’s presented, what it’s packaged in, your website design, the copy used to entice them in the first place, emails that are sent to your customers… The lot.

Our mission is to effectively tell your stories. Want to learn more? Drop us a message, or read on for some instant tips…



This covers everything from your homepage copy to your ‘About’ page, your product descriptions to your ‘Checkout’ page. In short, your website is a super important tool. Consider how you discover information about your favourite brand: you browse the homepage for new information, check out the blog for inspiration and news, and even visit their social media platforms to gain up-to-the-minute information. Web copy is king.

In order to tell your brand’s story, you need to, well, have one. Take some time to make a definitive note of what your mission statement is. At Tartle, we ask every new client for this because it really helps us to clearly define who you are as a brand.

Next, translate this into clear, concise yet engaging copy. Are you a conversational brand? Or perhaps you’re more corporate? Are you aspirational or relatable? These are all important factors in capturing your brand’s story.



Blogging isn’t just for bloggers and influencers. It’s one of the most accessible and clever ways to elevate your website’s SEO ranking and, in turn, drive new visitors to the site. Including a blog tool to your site enables you to consistently add fresh, relevant content to it, building links and adding useful information that’ll add value to your website in search engines.

It’s also incredibly handy to inform your audience of all manner of things:

  • New product launches

  • Behind the scenes looks at your brand

  • Sharing trends and inspiration

  • Reporting on relevant events to your business

  • Divulging useful tips and tricks

For these reasons alone, you should be regularly updating your blog.

Need a hand creating regular blog post content and conjuring up fresh, relevant ideas? Let us help you out!



Yes! Even on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the rest of it, you should be continually telling your brand’s story. Weekly product launches, customer events, behind-the-scenes gossip and tales from the business owner all contribute to the bigger picture and really help to give your brand a heart. Thus, your Instagram captions should say something as opposed to fill a gap, and your Tweets should resonate and connect each and every time. Use your platforms wisely, instead of clogging up your readers’ feeds with more of the same.

Ready to tell your brand’s story, the Tartle Way? Let’s talk!

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