How To Write An ‘About’ Page That Sparkles

How To Write An ‘About’ Page That Sparkles

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The ‘About’ page of any website is absolutely essential, and it should remain central when setting up your business website or blog. A well-executed ‘About’ page will:

  • Introduce you or your business or both!

  • Answer many of the questions your visitor might want to ask

  • Tell them a fun fact or two

  • Capture exactly what your offering is in a clear, concise and snappy sentence

  • Pique their interest to click through to a CTA

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s work on your ‘About’ page!

1. Your Mission Statement

You’ll want to open up a clear ‘About’ page with your mission statement. This is a sentence or two (at most!) that captures what you’re all about and what you’re providing. It could be as simple as ‘Bringing fresh produce to your home’ or as quirky as ‘Capturing the great outdoors and delivering it to your country kitchen’. You know what I mean. The reader should know exactly what you provide at this stage.

2. Who You Are

It’s always nice to know who you’re working with. Add in a short paragraph, optimised for online in short sentences, that embodies who you are. Here you could include a fun fact or two, but keep it brief and don’t include everything.

3. Your Background

Depending on your offering, you may also want to include a little bit about your background and why the reader can trust you to do whatever it is that you do. Include statistics and testimonials if applicable.

4. The Why

Now it’s down to the nitty-gritty: tell your reader why they should invest in you and your products or services. Share your USP and what you can do for them. Keep it customer-facing.

5. CTA

Round it all off with a clear CTA. Direct them to your contact page, services or shop.

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