'Do I Need A Copywriter?'

'Do I Need A Copywriter?'


Right after my most frequently asked question – ‘what is a copywriter?’ – is ‘do I need a copywriter, and why?’

When I began my writing career, I had no idea what a copywriter was and what they did. In fact, I never made any connection between words appearing in places and people writing them. I naively pigeon-holed my own writing career into journalism or creative writing and left it at that. Soon after completing several internships, I was offered a job as a junior copy editor and I graciously accepted, despite the fluttering feelings of Imposter Syndrome that were in my tummy. And so this crazy journey began.

On a daily, weekly and monthly basis, I produced copy (the words!) for almost every corner of my new employer’s brand presence. From product descriptions to website banner copy, homepage captions to email newsletters, and from in-store POS to customer mail-outs, I eventually found myself writing to deadline for a HUGE variety of material. It was fun and rewarding, and I loved the pace of everything.

So, when fellow creatives and business owners quiz me on whether they need a copywriter, I might be ever so slightly biased, but yes. You certainly do.



Brand communications includes everything from how your website is presented and reads, to how you speak to your customer on a micro level. And it’s my job as a copywriter and editor to ensure your stunning brand nails that. A copywriter will work closely with you to capture your tone, personality, brand ethos and business mission, applying it to every corner of your business.



You’ve heard me say this before, but I’ll say it again: content is king. The retail landscape has shifted irreversibly and digitally native businesses are launching quicker than you can send an Instagram Story. Where once, you could rely on organic footfall and enticing customers with a sample tray or displaying branded balloons outside your shop front, it’s now arguably about the online experience.

And how do you shepherd customers to your website? With content! Beautifully produced, SEO-friendly, story-driven content will resonate with your target audience, if done correctly. This means it reaches out to your customer, is optimised naturally yet purposefully for search engines, and all with an intentional story that captures their attention. And spending power.



Effective communications are what drives your business forwards. From funnelling traffic to your website to letting customers know what’s up, it’s incredibly important to capture your voice. Elevating traffic means there’s a higher chance of turning that lead into a sale, and it’ll even ensure seamless communication of what your products are, what your customer can expect next, learn more about your story, plus much more.

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