A FREE 5-Minute Website Audit

A FREE 5-Minute Website Audit

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Each of my copy and content packages comes with an included website audit. In this, I run a full assessment of my clients’ online platforms against their mission statement and carve out clear goals, a way-of-working and, ultimately, a game plan to ensure what I create is perfect for the client.

A website audit is handy for a few reasons.

  1. You might not have revisited your website in a number of months. And some of the information is now outdated.

  2. It lets you see your biz from your customers’ eyes.

  3. It’ll help you to weed out broken links, rework how user-friendly it is and boost SEO.

If you’ve just realised you haven’t looked at your own website in quite a while, here is a FREE 5-minute web audit that you can do on your own right now.


Update your homepage and images

You’ve probably tweaked your tone of voice just a touch since you put your website together and your headshots and accompanying photos might be a little dated.

Give it a read through and then edit as needed. Don’t forget to chop up any long sentences, include your targeted SEO keywords, and use the correct grammar and punctuation to ensure it’s easy to read!

Step 2

Check the ‘About’ page

This is where most of the outdated facts lie. Perhaps you mentioned two years ago that you had 5 years’ experience: update that! You now have 7 years’ of expertise and that is SO valuable.

Step 3

Check for broken links

Using this useful tool, you can hunt down pesky broken links and update them as needed. Et voilà! Instant refresh, and Google will love you a little more too.

Want a pair of expert eyes to look through your online presence. Let’s talk!

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