How To Use Autumn To Inspire Content

How To Use Autumn To Inspire Content

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I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.

One of the easiest ways to gather inspiration to create content is by using the seasons.

It’s a foolproof way to instantly resonate with your audience because, well, we all experience the seasons! Autumn is well and truly here and it’s one of the prettiest seasons to capture in aid of creating content. Here are 5 content ideas for your seasonal calendar:

1. Foliage

From fallen leaves in ochre yellow, cherry red and burnt orange to climbing ivy, there are endless opportunities to both document the world around us and spark a conversation at the same time. Why not take a photo (or three) for Instagram? Or use the colours to inspire a piece of poetry or creative writing? Or even to style a set of looks to promote your new AW18 collection? Readers love seeing glimpses into others’ lives (we’re all inherently a bit nosy) and ‘how to’ style content.

2. Hobbies

We all love to use the milder weather as an excuse to slope off early to indulge in hobbies and long Netflix binges. So why not use that as a talking point? Dream up editorials surrounding what to wear for 3 autumn scenarios (i.e. reading by the fire, pumpkin patch visiting, baking cookies) or inspire your customers to update their home with your stunning new-in autumn homeware.

3. To-Do List

Celebrate the turn in seasons by creating a to-do list for your audience. It’s interactive, fun, simple to put together and carry out, and everybody enjoys a fun to-do list!

4. Halloween

Whilst Halloween isn’t everybody’s bag, it does provide a wealth of opportunity to capitalise on search term lifts and general buzz. Squeeze in natural search terms to your product descriptions, publish Halloween moodboards on your blog or Pinterest, and make polls pertaining to the spooky occasion on Instagram Stories!

5. Get GIF-fy with it

Autumn is easily one of the most tactile seasons.

Use GIFs on Twitter and Instagram to instantly capture the mood. Add falling leaves to Stories of you walking through woodlands to create depth, or even spooky Halloween GIFs to make behind-the-scenes clips a little funnier.

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