Making IFTTT Work For You

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Working around the clock and having to slot in time to share content at the optimum time too? I feel your pain. Alongside managing day-to-day activity, doing your actual job and all the ins and outs of work, it can be a total nightmare to remember to market your business and stay on top of social media.

But fear not.

Let’s take the pressure off.

I’ll show you one top tactic today.

1. Sign up for IFTTT

IFTTT is a handy web-based service that easily gets your apps and devices syncing together. It runs using ‘applets’ which you can create recipes for, and is a great tool for taking the load off when it comes to cross-sharing your hard work and beautiful content across platforms. With more than 600 apps in their roster, it means you can easily push content to different channels and lessen your everyday workload. Let me show you how.

2. Add your platforms

You’ll need to connect your platforms, first. I tend to use the RSS feed, WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram feeds for anything Tartle related or for my personal blog.

3. Make your recipes!

One of my key visions is that content duplication is a bit of a no-no. And while duplication might feel like the only thing that IFTTT is good for, this is where it’ll change. Tap the ‘+’ symbol to begin making a recipe. You can change the copy, choose to automatically add in the title, URL and any photos, et voila! It’s as easy as that. The content will automatically pull in from your pre-existing content and it’ll run on its’ own too so you can eke an additional hour or two off your content calendar.

Fancy hiring me to get on top of your content management instead? Let’s discuss! Book a discovery call or meeting and let’s get this show on the road.