7 Free Creative Instagram Caption Prompts


An unexpected addition to my roster of services is providing banks of Instagram captions. There’s no doubt about it that Instagram captions have become one of the greatest ways for brands and individuals to connect with their audiences. Micro-blogging is prominent today because it’s such a digestible and accessible means of communication – how many times have you mentioned the word ‘blog’ to a friend or family member to be met with a look of confusion? Or realised that the majority of Twitter users don’t know how to use a hashtag?

Instagram, however, is brilliant. Scroll, see, read and like. And the introduction of Stories has made it even more favourable as a marketing tool, breathing life and reality to a brand, no matter how curated the feed.

Fancy discovering more about how Instagram can benefit your business? Get in touch and let’s discuss your current and future Instagram strategy. I can provide you with an initial audit and a bank of captions for however long you fancy, plus you’ll leave with a handy workbook for your own use.

For now, here are 7 of my favourite creative caption prompts:

Share an anecdote from your working day. It’s great to tell a story of behind the brand, whether that’s an exclusive preview of an upcoming product, a peek at the studio you work from or whether you’re just having a great day of hanging with your dog/kids/family.

Colour! Why not pick out a dominant colour from your photograph and write candidly about how it makes you feel or what memory it evokes for you? Adding a real-life snapshot into your thoughts works wonders for reminding your following that, hey, you’re a real person too.

Get real. Instagram is an incredibly polished place to be these days. Write a 50-word caption about the realities behind your final ‘gram. Did the coffee spill all over your desk? Were the flowers actually surrounded by all sorts of odd objects? How many shots did it take to nail the final frame?

What’s your all-time favourite inspirational or motivational quote? Instagram is definitely a place to be inspired, and providing your audience with your favourite quote will not only inspire them, but give them an insight into what drives you.

Seasonal insights. Summer is very nearly here – why not celebrate with a story about what summer means to you? Or what you love most about it? Or even your favourite summer memory?

Fun. Have some fun and write whatever comes to mind based on the square frame alone. Don’t worry about a funnel, having an angle or a particular outcome. Just write.

A mini review! Content with purpose will always stand out in an age where every platform is saturated with content. So, provide a short review of something that’ll resonate with your following. It could be a product review plucked from your own online shop, a little overview of the mascara you used this morning, or the delicious meal you had at the weekend.