What Is A Copywriter and Does My Business Need One?

One of my most commonly asked questions is, ‘What is a copywriter?’ and it’s a completely valid question. For those not familiar with the phrase, it certainly sounds like a role for somebody that… deals with copyright law?


A copywriter is somebody that writes copy (the proper term for ‘words’ and ‘text’) primarily for marketing or advertising needs. This could include copy for websites, email newsletters, social media copy, leaflets and brochures, catalogues, blog posts, product descriptions and more.



Whilst photographs provide a compelling visual that draws you in, the copy is what gives further information to your customer or audience and that ultimately cinches a sell. Consider the last time you hopped on Topshop or ASOS and saw that ruffled trim top of dreams. You were drawn in by the styling and clothing. But you clicked in to read more about the garment, didn’t you?

One of my roles is to ensure that my fashion clients’ complete product USPs are effectively communicated to their customer. It’s down to me to make sure the product looks and feels the same online as it would in a brick-and-mortar shop.

Your small business could benefit from a copywriter if:

You Sell Products or Services Online

Selling products online is a game-changer, there's no doubt about it.

Free delivery, the ease and comfort of shopping from your own home (not much beats after dinner ASOS shopping sprees on the sofa) and not having to deal with other shoppers or queuing. Genius. However, the copy that goes alongside online product listings is absolutely key.

I specialise in writing beautiful editorial-led copy alongside top-tier technical specifications for fashion and lifestyle products. From simple details like listing exact colours, style details and fastenings to more complicated details including measurements and styling tips, it's vital that you get these top-notch.

You're About To Launch A Website

Ready to launch your new website to advertise services, tell a story or to sell products? Hiring a copywriter to ease your mind about getting great words on screen is pretty essential. Perhaps you've already written a huge About Me page and you think it's perfect?

I can help with an extra pair of keen eyes, ready to whittle it down into something concise and compelling. Proof-reading and editing is one of my many services and I can get your website copy, experience and customer journey ready for launch. Static website content is important to get right the first time so that customers can get a feel for what you do the first time they lay eyes on your website.

You Need An Extra Pair Of Hands

Copywriters don't just 'write loads of words'.

We're pretty great at making processes easier for you. If you're about to expand your team and really want to make sure that everybody 'gets' the ethos of your brand, a copywriter can create simple-to-use documents that share exactly how the brand lives, breathes and feels. A copywriter can create guides to your business as they already hold the voice to your brand - you just might not know it yet.

Additionally, if you're already off to a good start with creating copy and content, I can help you take it to the next level by helping you craft a strategy and content calendar, tailored to your brand and business. Words come easily to me, so if you're after somebody to voice ideas to and who can then conjure some magic. I'm your girl.

Sound good? Let's talk.