How My Current Client Process Works

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Since beginning to target my services at fellow entrepreneurs and small businesses, I’ve completely transformed the way in which I work with my brilliant band of clients. You might already know that my career began in luxury fashion e-commerce, where I regularly created copy and content for luxury fashion brands, their marketing materials and their websites. The in-house process(es) are always clear and well-defined, working as part of a well-oiled machine. When I began Tartle Copywriting, I tried to emulate that system but it soon became obvious that that wasn’t the way to target my dream clientele. In comes my current client process, tailored to every client to ensure you get the goods and not just a regimented cog in a system.

Step 1: Discovery Call or Initial Meeting

My process begins with a discovery call and/or an initial meeting. This is completely free and helps us both to learn about one another’s businesses and current projects. I will share my packages and process with you, based on what you’ve told me on the initial sign-up form. I’ll also bring or share with you a questionnaire so that we can work out exactly which deliverables you desire and to ensure we’re completely on the same page.

Step 2: Onboarding

Next up is adding you to the Tartle Copywriting family! If we’ve established that we’re a good fit for one another, then I’ll begin by sending over a contract or proposal to you. I’ll also ask for a small deposit to be paid before we begin the project, we’ll discuss this when it comes to it as there are a few options available. I’ll send you a short workbook that will help me to align my work with yours, then I’ll set up the timeline and step-by-step process in Trello or Asana, as well as create a channel with you on Slack. This allows me to be completely transparent with you regarding the way I work. I take on a limited band of clients at any one time so you can be confident in being to speak to me one-on-one at any time whilst booked in.

Step 3: Research and First Draft

I’ll work to our first agreed deadline to deliver a complete first draft of all of the agreed assets.

Step 4: Amends and __ Rounds of Drafts

Included within every one of packages is a specific number of rounds of amends. I’ll go back and forth with you within these rounds to ensure you’re completely happy with the deliverables. If desired, we can arrange to meet face-to-face or hop on a call to really nail it. Many of my previous clients have found that this step is particularly useful in discovering what they do and don’t want — and it’s often different to what we’d established at first!

Step 5: Your Brand Style Guide

Once we’ve signed off the deliverables, I create a completely bespoke brand style guide for you. This is a document that wraps up your brand and gives you all of the tools you need to continue running your business with beautiful copy, because I believe that your online and offline presence is greatly enhanced with fresh copy.

Step 6: Wrap-Up and Support

Lastly, wrap-up! The remainder of your invoice is paid to me and I’ll send across all of your deliverables in whichever format you desire, a discount code to any future bookings with me, plus a digital copy of the brand style guide and a beautiful printed version to keep forever. Your Slack channel will remain active for a set number of months and I’ll be there to provide support where needed.

Ready to work together? Let’s talk!

Hello Q2

Well, here we are. It’s April.

I can hardly believe that we’ve entered the second quarter of 2018. Between some incredibly exciting client bookings and getting all my ducks in a row for the start of a new financial year, I’ve barely had time to breathe, never mind share a new blog post.

Having said that, the dreaded seasonal lull has arrived and for once I’m enjoying the pace of a slower diary. I’ve taken time to realign my goals for the quarter and for the year overall, as well as fine-tune some of the underpinnings of my biz.

Our new Instagram page

First up, let me introduce you to the Tartle Copywriting Instagram page! After 2 years in trade, I finally opened up an Instagram for the business not only to reach out to fellow entrepreneurs and creatives, but to share a snippet of what we do as a business and engage with who’s actually out there. I’m especially excited about this because my love for the platform has truly been reignited lately and I’m bursting with ideas for the grid. Instagram is truly where it’s at on social and I’m inspired daily by the accounts that I personally follow, never mind in the small business squad! If you hadn’t already spotted it, come and join me over at @tartlecopywriting.

Q2 Goals

Now that we’ve moved into the next quarter of the year, I feel encouraged to drill down a little further in my goals. I closed my books for the previous financial year on an incredible high, helping to quell much of the classic freelancer anxiety about whether or not this [i.e. leaving full-time employment to set up shop alone] is a financially viable decision. Once again, it is of course a shout-from-the-treetops ‘yes!’. So, here are my goals for the next 3 months:

  1. On-board some local small business clients to create inspiring content with a heart.
  2. Mix up my workload with short- and long-term projects.
  3. Reach out to fellow creatives to identify collaborative leads and opportunities.


Before I end this post, I also wanted to share some highlights from the first quarter. Whether to slightly show off to you as a potential client and get that aggressive hard-sell or to inspire you as a fellow creative to reflect on your own successes, I find that reflection always pays off.

  • The success of introducing Slack channels for my clients. How awesome is it to have a ‘coffee break virtual table’?
  • Meeting my desired income three months out of three.
  • Delivering a set of product descriptions for 6IXTY8IGHT’s latest lingerie drop.
  • Nailing the social collateral for ITV2’s ‘Survival of the Fittest’ launch with my awesome client, JustPose™.

How was your Q1? And what do you hope to achieve in Q2? For a free 15-minute call to chat about what you need next in your business, get in touch and let’s book in.

3 Ways That Tartle Copywriting Can Work With You


Whether it’s product copy or brand strategy that you’re after, you’ve probably spotted several business buzzwords on our website already. And it might even feel a little overwhelming. Today, we’re going to get a little practical and discuss three ways that Tartle Copywriting can work with your small business in the most honest way possible.

To create product descriptions for your website

One of our most popular services is that of creating product descriptions for brands. Previous clients including Lane Crawford, F&F (Tesco), Evans, 6IXTY8IGHT and more have hired us to write and/or edit inspiring product copy for their websites. The main takeaways from this service is that your awesome product can be perfectly translated from real-life object to something that is equally as great on a screen. Our product descriptions not only take into account your brand identity, it ensures your products are exactly as they appear in your warehouse to minimise returns rates, up-sell items and add a little bit of personality and styling advice.

We can create product descriptions remotely or in-house, and we can create collection-specific descriptions or on an ongoing basis as your products launch, just let us know.

To refresh your website content

For many of our clients, we find that it isn’t necessarily brand new copy and content that they want, but a refresh of existing content. We provide both sets (a brand new set of content for a brand new website, as well as refreshing things so they’re concise, witty, snappy and stylish) at Tartle Copywriting.

You might find that your website is lacking a little something-something or that your website doesn’t ‘quite’ reflect your brand. Let us help you shake things up with a consultation, website audit and bespoke content.

To spruce up white paper copy

Another service that we LOVE creating is white paper copy. Yes! From catalogues to press releases, leaflets to other printed material, sometimes old school is the best way to go, especially for those beloved retainer customers that’ve loved you from yonks back. We’re experienced in creating copy and content for catalogues, in-store flyers, event invitations, menus, brochures, advertorials, POS, lookbooks, and more. Pop us a message to hear what we can rustle up for you.

Fancy learning more? Get in touch to discuss what you need and book in a FREE 15-minute consultation call.

Introducing The Tartle Copywriting Shop


I’m absolutely thrilled to be able to introduce you to the brand-new Tartle Copywriting shop, designed to help you meet your copy and content dreams. After working with my wonderful clients for more than two years, one thing became clear: you were really interested in the products I offered as well as my hands-on services.

You’ll be able to shop instantly at the touch of a button and there are currently two products available.

Firstly, there’s a weekly content calendar that offers you the ability to craft your own content week-to-week. This is a digital download, providing you with an online spreadsheet – blank so that you can fill in your own content – and helping you to easily manage multiple social media platforms and hit your marketing goals.

It comes pre-loaded with key timings, proven to be the most effective with a typical Internet user, and every purchase comes with an included 10% discount from my service rates, in case you fancy taking it a notch up. Pick yours up here.

Secondly, meet the Tartle Copywriting bespoke style guide. An investment purchase, this is a great way to grab one of my most popular service features as a standalone ‘product’.

You’ll receive a fully comprehensive style guide that’s yours to keep forever. It comes with a lifetime guarantee: should your brand values or objectives change, I’ll refresh the guide to realign it with your needs.

Plus, it also comes with a mini competitor research document, easy-to-follow writing tips tailored to your business, and a complimentary audit of your existing website, copy and content. Invest here.

I am so excited to be able to share these very first products with you and, as always, I cannot wait to partner with you and help you reach your business goals.