How Copy and Content Nourishes Your Business


Day and night, I wax lyrical about the importance of copy and content for your business. Done well, it informs and engages the visitor, establishes brand identity, reinforces authority, builds trust, serves a purpose, attracts new leads and generates sales and conversions. Yes, all of that with well-crafted copy and carefully selected words.

We’ve seen the immersive and ground-breaking force of blogging and social media, but what I specialise in at Tartle Copywriting is ensuring that copy and content is nourishing your business by serving a quality experience for your visitors. It was once all about the quantity and ensuring newness every 2 hours to capture the interest of every visitor, no matter when they picked up their phone, checked their email or opened up their laptop.

Now? It’s all about providing something that stays with them long after they’ve left your blog, stopped scrolling their Instagram feed or reading your email newsletter.

Let’s talk about how copy and content can enhance your business, beyond being word-fluff that sits on a website.

1. It establishes your brand identity.

From your homepage to your landing pages, product listings to blog posts, and everything in-between, clear, concise and engaging copy will establish your brand identity and positioning to ensure you are the market leader and the best possible fit for the visitor.

Working together with a copywriter (hi!) can mean your business aims, values, core offerings, owner personality and more are easily communicated in the best way possible and, newsflash, that isn’t always by sharing your life story.

A stunning online presence will drive visitors to your business, but transparency, clarity and a genuine approach will convert those into sales, leads and on-boarding.

At Tartle Copywriting, I pride myself on working intensively with my clients to truly understand not only their business aims and values, but what drives them as a person to offer what they do. As such, all of my work is backed by personality, honesty and trust.

2. It brings in new visitors and potential clients.

Blog posts, social media content and static website copy are all brilliant tools for serving SEO keywords. Yes, let the buzzwords infiltrate. It might feel like every person and their aunt’s puppy’s best friend the squirrel is starting, expanding or transforming a business in 2018, so how can you stand out amongst 50 people also offering ‘the same’ as you?

I work closely with my clients to bring their vision together succinctly and pair it with carefully selected SEO keywords to enrich their website and get it seen by the people that need it. Yes, need. Want to hear more? Drop me a message — I don’t bite! — and let me coach you.

More clicks to the website = a higher chance of conversion.

3. It builds trust.

So often clients come to me and want all of their (awesome) business placed on their website. And almost every time, I recommend a slower, more organic approach. Content is king, but it can also be incredibly overwhelming to be faced with hoards of copy and mixed messages on every other page.

Executed well, copy and content in well-meaning places will build trust and foster loyalty. I work closely with you to funnel content out alongside a calendar so that your content works as hard as it can at the right time in the right place for the right people.

Fancy learning more? Explore my copy and content packages, or shop Tartle products to elevate your business.

A Summer Update

Happy summer!

Whew, how did we ever get here?! I’m not complaining though, these warmer months call for pitchers of homemade iced tea and afternoons responding to emails and touching base with clients from the cool comfort of my garden in the shade. Oh the perks of freelancing!

Today I wanted to check in on here to give you a bit of an update on where Tartle Copywriting is right now and how I plan to evolve the business. It sounds fancier than it is.

Goodbye Social!

Sadly it’s time for me to wave goodbye to the social media part of my business. While social is something that I’m incredibly passionate about, I feel that I could work smarter and stronger by focusing solely on copy and content creation. Several years of experience in social media have taught me limitless lessons, and I will continue to create social content, just on my own platforms as a lifestyle blogger. If you were considering on-boarding with me for social media content or strategy, please do still get in touch as I’d love to put you in contact with some incredible fellow entrepreneurs and social media managers.

Mix-and-Match Packages

I introduced my four packages at the beginning of the year and it’s become obvious that really isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ package. With this learning curve in mind, I’ve got FIVE packages in place and I'm now also opening the floor up to mix-and-match packages where we collaborate via the initial meeting or discovery call to build a custom quote and package. These are very reasonably priced, so you won’t find any nasty surprises. See my packages page to see a rough guideline.

Heart-Led Work

My career began in luxury retail and working for relatively big, global names. This was incredibly rewarding and insightful for me and I still love working for such incredible brands, but I’m also beginning to find a place in my business for heart-led work in Hertfordshire.

Working closely together with fellow small- and medium-sized businesses has been the most rewarding part of my career yet and I can’t wait to move Tartle Copywriting further into those realms. I’m also hoping to on-board some more lifestyle and wellness clients to the family, alongside the fashion brands that I usually work with.

And that’s all for now! May this week be productive and inspiring for you.

Michelle x

3 More Ways That Tartle Copywriting Can Work With You


Hey you! Yes, you! Before you click away, let’s sit down and have a cuppa and talk about how we can partner together. Last month I outlined a few ways that Tartle Copywriting can work with you, and today I’m here to chat about some more services that I provide here. Setting up a business or choosing to diversify and change your offering is complicated, often messy and overwhelming, and it is my intention to help you navigate those waters by taking some of the load off.

Copywriting is essential to every business and brand, regardless of what you provide. It’s the bread-and-butter for your online and offline presence. It helps to drive traffic and generate sales conversions by giving Google a push with integrated SEO. It gives context to your brand offerings and can breathe personality to your business if done well. Ready to learn more?

To add personality to your brand

Something that I’m incredibly passionate about is breathing personality to your brand and business with words. As not only a copywriter and editor, but an established lifestyle blogger, I know a thing or two about injecting personality to copy to create an engaging read and capture an audience’s attention. My clients are each wholly unique and that’s because I work with them to draw out the personality traits of either the business owner, brand or customer, and infuse it into every part of their online and offline presence.

To enrich your website with regular blog posts

Without a shadow of a doubt, blogs are the cornerstone of the future. Content is king and blog and Instagram posts rule the roost. They’re a useful tool to add value to your website and not only help you regularly keep your website updated and fresh, it’ll enrich your website with SEO keywords, often useful advice that keeps your audience coming back for more, offer inspiration and up-sells, and much more. At Tartle Copywriting, I can work with you to craft a bespoke content calendar that’s wholly specific to you, that aligns with your core values and KPIs, and is fun, engaging and visually enticing. While of course I ghostwrite blog posts for several of my clients, you can discover everything that I’m really about here on my thrice-award nominated blog, Daisybutter.

To keep everything ticking over

Working on a retainer basis is one of the personal highlights of running my business, because not only do I get to support and help awesome fellow creatives and businesses, I can also regularly keep in touch with them and become an extra colleague without the fuss of stealing a spot in the office ;) My retainer packages are all customisable, and they’re designed to keep things ticking over. Whether that’s by producing product descriptions/listings, writing blog posts, providing invaluable content consultations, creating email marketing newsletters or something else on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis, this is a brilliant set-up for small and larger businesses.

Fancy learning more? Get in touch to discuss what you need and book in a FREE 15-minute consultation call or one-to-one meeting.

7 Free Creative Instagram Caption Prompts


An unexpected addition to my roster of services is providing banks of Instagram captions. There’s no doubt about it that Instagram captions have become one of the greatest ways for brands and individuals to connect with their audiences. Micro-blogging is prominent today because it’s such a digestible and accessible means of communication – how many times have you mentioned the word ‘blog’ to a friend or family member to be met with a look of confusion? Or realised that the majority of Twitter users don’t know how to use a hashtag?

Instagram, however, is brilliant. Scroll, see, read and like. And the introduction of Stories has made it even more favourable as a marketing tool, breathing life and reality to a brand, no matter how curated the feed.

Fancy discovering more about how Instagram can benefit your business? Get in touch and let’s discuss your current and future Instagram strategy. I can provide you with an initial audit and a bank of captions for however long you fancy, plus you’ll leave with a handy workbook for your own use.

For now, here are 7 of my favourite creative caption prompts:

Share an anecdote from your working day. It’s great to tell a story of behind the brand, whether that’s an exclusive preview of an upcoming product, a peek at the studio you work from or whether you’re just having a great day of hanging with your dog/kids/family.

Colour! Why not pick out a dominant colour from your photograph and write candidly about how it makes you feel or what memory it evokes for you? Adding a real-life snapshot into your thoughts works wonders for reminding your following that, hey, you’re a real person too.

Get real. Instagram is an incredibly polished place to be these days. Write a 50-word caption about the realities behind your final ‘gram. Did the coffee spill all over your desk? Were the flowers actually surrounded by all sorts of odd objects? How many shots did it take to nail the final frame?

What’s your all-time favourite inspirational or motivational quote? Instagram is definitely a place to be inspired, and providing your audience with your favourite quote will not only inspire them, but give them an insight into what drives you.

Seasonal insights. Summer is very nearly here – why not celebrate with a story about what summer means to you? Or what you love most about it? Or even your favourite summer memory?

Fun. Have some fun and write whatever comes to mind based on the square frame alone. Don’t worry about a funnel, having an angle or a particular outcome. Just write.

A mini review! Content with purpose will always stand out in an age where every platform is saturated with content. So, provide a short review of something that’ll resonate with your following. It could be a product review plucked from your own online shop, a little overview of the mascara you used this morning, or the delicious meal you had at the weekend.