Welcome to Tartle. I'm Michelle and I'm pretty great with words.

I champion creating copy that sparkles with wit, personality and fun, as well as delivering all of the essentials. For more than five years, I've been helping brands lift their brand with a voice, develop their personality through copy and ensure a cohesive experience for their customers.

From website copy to print media, product descriptions to press releases, I’m here to deliver the best to ensure your business' continual success. I've worked with brands both big and small across industries including fashion, beauty, food, law and travel.

Outside of work, I write, read, make attempts at Barrecore and yoga, adventure with my dog and am a keen traveller. I also write a lifestyle blog and spend lots of time attached to my DSLR. (I’m powered by caffeine in the form of great flat whites.) I’m one of those people that retains seemingly useless information that is exceedingly useful for pub quizzes and breaking the ice. Plus, two years spent working abroad in Hong Kong have shaped my career with international experience.

If you're ready to grow your business and work together on some great copy, then let's talk.