Founded by Michelle Chai in 2016, Tartle Copywriting provides witty, succinct and personality-fuelled copy for brands and businesses and beyond.


About Me

My name is Michelle and I'm pretty good with words.

Based in Hertfordshire, UK, I champion creating copy that sparkles with wit, personality and fun as well delivering all of the essentials and need-to-knows. And for more than five years, I've been helping businesses lift their brand vision and supply it with a voice, developing their personality through the power of copy and ensuring a cohesive experience for their customers and audience.

When I'm not running the Tartle powerhouse, I write, read, drink coffee like a Gilmore, make attempts at Barrecore and yoga, adventure with my dog, and I'm a keen traveller too. I write a lifestyle and fashion blog (who doesn't nowadays?) and spend a lot of time attached to a coffee cup and my beloved DSLR camera. I'm one of those people that retains seemingly useless information that is useful for a) pub quizzes, b) breaking the ice, and c) adding into copy for a splash of fun. Oh, and I lived and worked abroad in Hong Kong for two years.



About You

So, over to you!

If I've got this right, you're a small business owner or you're in charge of a team that works in editorial, production or content.

You kind of know where you want your vision to grow and go, but you know it's going to take some extra work and TLC, work and TLC beyond your capabilities right now.

Writing is something you can probably do, but that you know someone else could do better at, be a little more creative and hands-on with.

You're ready to revamp your current brand presence and align your values together with copy, content and strategy.

Let's make some magic.