Crafting copy and content with style and substance to shape your brand communications, win attention, and make your products shine.

Tartle (n.) - A nearly onomatopoeic word for the hesitation before you say a word you're trying to remember.


about the owner

I’m Michelle, founder of Tartle Copywriting and the woman behind the words. I champion crafting bespoke content that suits your brand vision, lifting it from the screen and creating a seamless experience for your audience. My speciality? Words fuelled by style and personality.

What I Offer

Unsure of what you need? Let me show you the way...



From static website copy to captivating product descriptions, I can create sparkling copy – backed by personality – to fine-tune your brand comms, refresh your online presence and help you make a sell.



Making an impact is all about the story and shaping evergreen content, and I can help you do just that via blog post content, long-lead features, social media strategy and execution and more.



Ready for a complete revamp? Let me assess your brand and business and craft a complete content and social strategy for you that's manageable and real. And, I can run it for you too!